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New 2008-2009 Mudguards and Fender Sets

fender-sets-1When you buy a brand new bike these days, chances are it will not come with bicycle mudguards or fenders. Bike mudguards are an accessory, that not every rider will need, but if you are riding in all sorts of weather, then you should check out the 2008-2009 range of bike mudguards and fenders. So, who exactly needs bike mudguards or fenders on their bike? Well, for a start, if you will sometimes find yourself riding in the rain, or just after it has been raining, then fenders and mudguards on your bike will be a good idea. While fenders and mudguards won’t necessarily keep you dry when you’re riding in pouring rain, they will make a great difference to you when riding your bike on roads that are wet from recent rain or drizzle or melting snow. They will stop all of that nasty mud and sand from being splashed all over your clothes an >>>

CytoSport Cytosport Pre Formance Drinks

Cytosport Pre FormanceLike any other athlete, when cyclists are riding hard in the saddle all day long, it’s important to keep hydrated and to keep your carbohydrate levels up. If you’re out for a leisurely ride and a bit of relaxing sightseeing, then you can get away with a bottle of water, but if your riding involves pushing your body to its limits, then water alone will not be enough. You need to keep up your fluids by drinking a performance drink. And one of the best performance drinks out on the market today is the specialty range of CytoSport bike drinks. When it comes to making performance drinks designed to keep you at your peak performance all day long, then you can’t go past CytoSport’s range of performance drinks including their pre formance ra >>>

Kryptonite Security HardWire Sets

Kryptonite Security

    With the amount of money you can spend on a good bike these days, it’s important to have the right security to keep your pride and joy out of the hands of would be thieves. Kryptonite bike locks have a strong reputation for keeping your bike safe whenever you have to leave it behind in the street.
Kryptonite produces a wide range of bike security options including locks and cables. Among the Kryptonite security options is their renowned HardWire range. The HardWire 1518 provides a moderate level of security and is most suited to areas that experience relatively low or moderate levels of crime. The HardWire 1518 bike lock features a 15mm braided steel cable that resists cutting, as well as a reinforced head lock constructed with Kryptonite’s “Talon” lock pin retention system, providing e >>>


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